Wildwood Ridge
Isabella Blue Belle
Isabella / Tan - long hair 
Our Family - Females
In memory of my beloved Bailey Mae Aug 3, 2003-Jan 27, 2015

Cocoa Cleo
Chocolate - Short Hair
Dalla Anne
Silver Dapple (Black/tan) - Short Hair
Little Miss Lucy "Missy"
Red - Long Hair
Our Lovely Ladies
For the rest of our lovely
ladies check out
"Our Ladies 2" page. -------->
Daisy Mae
Silver Dapple(Black/tan) longhair (pet only)
Amber Leigh
Sophie Rose 
Chocolate base Cream smooth coat
Cream longhair(pet only)
Cocoa Mocha 
Brindled Liberty "Libby"
Chocolate/tan smooth coat
Cream Brindle smooth coat
Teenie Tiny Treasure 
Silver Dapple longhair
"Coco" Chocolate/cream longhair
Princess Mindi
smooth coat​
Baily Mae
In loving memory...
Red Brindle
Wildwood's Spiced Up "Pepper"